Photo booth is so 2000.



Our music boxes are 1m high and the playing area is 50x50cm. Up to 4 players can make music together at the same time. No musical talent is necessary, it always sounds professional. If you wish, we can switch between up to 15 music styles at your event, from hip hop, rock, Latino, to house, techno, funk and much more



If you place a controller on the playing surface, a sound is triggered. There are four categories of controllers: bass, drums, melody and vocals. You can place a controller from each category and mix your own song with different elements. Instead of the controllers we can use almost any product (see BRANDING).



There are ten controllers in each category. Depending on where you place the controllers on the playing surface, there are different effects, such as equalizer and echo. Using these effects, people will think you are a star DJ!

Muckebox at your event


Our service also includes personnel. If desired, we act as a team member at your event (e.g. in your company clothing) and, in addition to setting up and dismantling, we will also host the Muckebox during your event.


As an alternative or in addition to the speaker system, we offer wireless headphones. Ideal for quiet locations and events (e.g. trade fairs) as well as for loud environments (e.g. if there is already a DJ).

Speaker System

In addition to the Muckebox, we also bring a speaker system to provide professional sound at your event.