Next Steps



We do some paper work to make sure we are all on the same page.



We develop a branding concept exactly as you like it.



We have your customized branding produced and prepare your Muckebox.



We take care of everything on site, from setup and support to dismantling and hosting the Muckebox.

frequently asked Questions

Each controller triggers a music sample, i.e. a sound snippet, when you place the controller on the playing surface. You can create your own songs using different sounds.

The Muckebox has been programmed so that it always sounds good. You don't need any musical knowledge, everyone can have fun!

We have a speaker system and wireless headphones, which can also be combined.

The Muckebox offers electronic music, hip hop, rock, bossa nova, operetta and much more for all tastes.

There is visual branding, which is the controllers and the body of the Muckebox. Also audio branding, so that certain controllers trigger your desired sound (your slogan/jingle, greeting from the CEO, etc.).

No problem, because the Muckebox does not replace a DJ. It is a fun music game for all visitors. With our wireless headphones you can do this in parallel with the DJ and their music. Even though we're talking about music, it's more of an innovative, trendy alternative to photo booths, wheel of fortune, etc. than replacing a DJ.

Our customers are companies (company parties, trade fair appearances, promotional activities, etc.) and individuals (wedding parties, birthdays, etc.).

2.50m by 2.50m is ideal; less is also possible.

Yes! We might need to bring an umbrella/pavilion at outdoor events, as direct sunlight can cause slight problems with functionality. But that is something we take care of!